Welcome to Bactifeed

I’m Riley Stock and I help farmers improve their soil health with the help of bacteria and fungals in a product called Bactifeed.

Bactifeed was developed by my dad. I grew up helping him make buckets of it for him to sell and, on occasion, I would visit farmers with him. In 2011, I finally decided to see if I could become a distributor for him. I’m not much of salesman. Some people could sell a handful of air, but I’m just not that way. I have to really believe in the product.

Eventually I found a farmer willing to try it out on one of his fields. I would go out and probe his field every other week or so and with in months we both started seeing results. I knew then that I believed in Bactifeed. It wasn’t about selling a product and making money anymore. It was about how I could help other people out with this product.

Through out the years I have consistently seen the results with many farmers. Every year I get to know more and more farmers. They are some of the strongest, most sincere, no bull crap type of people out there. I enjoy working with every single one of them and I enjoy helping them improve their soil health.